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Bias Trainings

Have you ever looked out at the ocean and wondered how many animals and what kind of creatures are alive and well? Perhaps you have asked yourself, "How many animals am I unable to see?" Like the many animals of the ocean that are not visible there are many kinds of bias alive and well but are hidden.

The Implicit and Explicit Bias Trainings are designed to address the following in an engaging manner:




Each Training and Keynote is a based on a REFLECTIVE Process and is designed with the particular organizations' training or conference needs in mind.


Interactive exercises highlight the following:

  • Creating an Awareness

  • Steps to Mitigate Assumptions

  • Strategies to go beyond 'Our Bubble'

  • Care for Self and Others 

I did not know what to expect. This is the first session I have attended on Bias and dare I say I really did enjoy it! Varsha is an articulate, compassionate speaker and trainer.  Useful information. I hope they can bring her back next year.

Varsha's training on Bias was eye opening. She created a safe space where we shared our feelings and felt validated.  She clearly values each person and has an amazing skill of engaging participants of all backgrounds. I highly recommend her session.  

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