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Across the United States & Around the world

  • Athens, Greece

  • Kigali Rwanda

  • Granada, Spain

  • Los Angeles, CA

  • Queensland, Australia

  • Rome, Italy

  • Toronto, Canada

  • Washington DC

"I Love Varsha's ENERGY and the audience participation"

Varsha's skills as a Wellness Coach are outstanding ~ She has a unique gift of analysis and compassion. Sessions with her provided clarity, I attained my self discovered goals, and discovered how to manage my stress. She was very helpful!

"I have attended many sessions during my career - Varsha is an excellent facilitator and Keynote speaker...this is by far the best session I have attended"

"AMAZING and engaging speaker"

"Varsha is simply the BEST"

Varsha is a one of a kind gifted and knowledgable coach, speaker, trainer. She is patient, kind, and filled with compassion. She helped me gain insight and provided guidance every step of the way. I am so grateful for her. If you are considering working with her - just do it!

“...An incredible speaker. Both informative and engaging, she draws you in with her storytelling and invites you to think critically about your own biases in a way that invites conversation without judgment. I left feeling understood, more aware, and empowered. She fostered dialogue within a group of strangers, creating a safe space with positive energy and trust. These components were vital to us all really being able to open up, hear one another, and truly unpack our own biases”  - Former Prosecutor 

"I am facing challenging times in my life. I went to a physician, a psychiatrist, a counselor, a case manager - no one could help with my inability to sleep or relax. Attending Varsha's healing and modality session helped me immensely. For the first time I was able to find peace. Varsha has a very unique gift to provide guidance and help others."

"I always look forward to Varsha's sessions"

Varsha helped us with the planning of our conference. She was knowledgable and a tremendous help. Our conference was a huge success.

"Varsha is a Passionate, Powerful Keynote Speaker"

Community Members
Legal Professionals
Universities and State Coalitions
Law Enforcement Officers
Non-profit Agencies
Medical Professionals
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