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Domestic Violence. Sexual Assault. Bullying. Child & Elder Abuse. Harassment. Bias. 

Stress, Worries, Anxiety. Loss of Family, Co-Workers, Loved Ones. Challenging Times.


In the year 2022, there are many instances of people facing complex challenges and continuous demands to balance - career, family, and health. 


In addition, there are still many cases around the world that reveal the gruesome reality of individuals being mistreated at the hands of others – replete with lack of human decency and dignity.  Violence in its many forms, verbal and physical, can have long term impacts on people, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Professionals, serving diverse client and patient populations also face challenges of overcoming barriers (e.g. bias, burnout, and apathy) to providing the best level of care and effective services to a growing number of diverse clients.  Often the question comes up as to what steps can be taken to facilitate and impact positive cultural change within communities, organizations, workplace, personal and professional spaces.


Simply put, we Recognize a need for change, Observe, Analyze and then Respond – ROAR


ROAR Training & Consulting has the mission to engage professionals and community members of diverse backgrounds in thoughtful reflection to provide the necessary skills and tools to enhance services provided to seek effective collaboration amongst team members.

Groups for collaboration and training:

  • Community Members

  • Agencies/Corporations: Staff, Co-workers, Managers, Directors

  • Medical: Physicians, Nurses, Counselors, Advocates

  • Legal: Attorneys, Paralegals, Criminal Justice Professionals

  • Government: Leaders, Administrators, Law Enforcement, Military

  • Universities/Schools: Students, Faculty, Administrators, Counselors, Parent advocate groups

  • Community Members: Residents of local, national, international territories

  • Special Considerations: Survivors/Victims, Underserved Populations, LGBTQI, Immigrants


Sample Topics

  • Bias

  • Bystander Intervention

  • Cross Cultural Communication

  • Wellness

  • Healing Modalities

  • Resiliency

ROAR Training and Consulting brings together unique talents and expertise to create individualized, interactive, stimulating trainings and workshops nationally and around the world to inspire professionals and community members to create a culture of change.

We Think. We Reflect. We ROAR.  

Varsha N., JD

Founder & President

ROAR Training & Consulting, LLC

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